Carol Ofori has been gracing airwaves on a multitude of stations for over 20 years and, in this time, she has cemented herself as one of the most formidable women in radio today. Her move to Radio 2000 has been a massive tipping point in her career as Carol steps into daytime radio as she hosts ‘Queens Of Grace With Carol Ofori’ every weekday from 9am – 12pm. Now, the presenter is reflecting on this exciting new chapter in her career and shares some insight on what else she has planned in the coming months.

Your career in radio has been exceptional to watch. What made you fall in love with the medium?

The moment I auditioned to be on campus radio in January 2000 I fell in love with radio. It was campus radio and we would only broadcast to the RAU (now UJ) student centre. Despite the low audience numbers, I loved every minute of it and it really introduced me to the ins and outs of the radio industry.

Why do you think radio is still such a powerful tool in 2020?

I guess radio is still so powerful because it’s immediate. I think that now, more than ever, people really want news and information – and radio is the quickest way to get it. While social media is certainly disrupting the scene, we all know how much fake news is on social media and it’s something that can get expensive because of the price of data in the country so I think that is why radio remains reliable for South Africans.

You’ve been on the coveted 9am – 12pm slot on Radio 2000 for two months now. What has been your highlight so far?

Well, I started this new show at an unprecedented time of a pandemic so this new journey has been a time filled with news, anxiety but also celebration. The real euphoria for me is just the show in its entirety. I am having the time of my life on the show and I am happy to see that my audience is connecting with me as well. I think forming a connection is something that every radio presenter hopes to achieve with their audience and seeing that come to life on Radio 2000 has been a dream come true.

What attracted you to this particular radio station?

Radio 2000 is national and I love the music on the station. I also get to create content I have always dreamed of doing like covering African stories in the African connection, and taking a moment to be thankful with my Thankful Mondays feature. That allows us to play gospel music and be grateful for everything in our lives which makes the audience sit back and be thankful for everything that is going on in their lives.

Radio 2000 has such a rich history. Why do you think listeners continue to tune into this particular radio station?

It has evolved from where it started so I think listeners love the direction the station is going – which is giving listeners a nostalgic experience of radio and music. Like the pay-off line says “Our music, your memories” and this approach has proved to be working.

What is your three top tips for aspiring radio presenters?

1) Be resilient in everything
2) Know what you are willing to take to get to where you want to go
3) Have loads of fun

You’re a proud mother to two beautiful children. How do you keep a balanced work and family life?

Support. Nothing would be possible without my husband and nanny. They help me take care of my children so that I can go and chase my dreams and also provide a living.

Now that fans can tune into your brand-new radio slot every day, what else is in store for you professionally?

2020 is certainly an exciting time in my career. Not only am I looking forward to creating more magical moments on the radio show, but I am also heading back to TV next month. I will reveal all those details soon so keep an eye out for that announcement!

Catch Queens Of Grace With Carol Ofori every morning between 9am and 12pm on Radio 2000.