After an exhilarating race around the historical streets of Curaçao last week, the four teams continued to battle it out for the shared R1 million grand prize in this week’s episode of Tropika Island of Treasure. After spending the last few weeks working in teams, host Katlego Maboe decided to shake things up a bit as he announced that the contestants would be swapping team mates between the three challenges. At the end of the challenges, each team member’s individual scores were tallied up and were taken back to their team.

Based on last week’s performance #TeamCoolRed (Nadia Jaftha and Trevor Lagerway) was paired up with #TeamMangoPeach (Siphesihle Vazi and Darren Solomon) while #TeamPineapple (Ntando Duma and Siphosethu Colo) joined forces with #TeamPeach (Kay Sibiya and Caldine Wyngaard). The final teams were as follows: Nadia and Darren, Trevor and Siphesihle, Kay and Sethu and, finally, Ntando was paired up with Caldine.

Tube Trousers

The first challenge this week was a game called Tube Trousers. Here, one teammate began in the starting block and on ‘GO’ they ran to the six inflatable tubes. Using only their legs, they had to collect all six tubes (three on each leg) and run to their teammate at the second station. They then had to pass the tubes over to their teammate. Once successful, the teammate ran with the tubes to the third station and back. On returning they passed the tubes back to the first teammate, who then ran with the tubes past the third station and across the finish line.

After giving their all, Ntando and Caldine finished last earning them 0 points, Kay and Sethu came in third earning them a point each and Nadia and Darren came in second scoring them two points each. Finally, Trevor and Siphesihle came in first place earning each of them three points.

Scooter Ring

In the second challenge of the episode, the teams needed to use an e-scooter to navigate through a course where they had to make their way to various stations to collect one of six soft rings. Once they had all six rings, they needed to visit the final station where they had to throw each ring onto a pin from biggest to smallest. The team who completed this challenge in the fastest time would be crowned the winner.

This time, the teams were switched up yet again. Siphesihle and Caldine came in last place after missing the ten-minute cut-off time and, essentially, getting themselves disqualified. Kay and Darren came in third scoring their respective teams one point. Ntando and Trevor came in second scoring themselves two points each while Nadia and Sethu won this challenge in the fastest time earning them three points each.

Double D

The third and final challenge this week was a game of dangling dominoes. In this game, each pair had a rig set up amongst the trees surrounded by various ropes. There was a beam at waist height that was also rigged with ropes which was not 100% stable. In the game, the pairs had to carefully place 16 dominoes onto the beam without knocking them over. Once they had placed enough dominoes, they had to flick them over and knock the Tropika bottle over the edge.

Again, the teams were shuffled around which continued to test the contestants’ social dynamics while they tried to figure out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Kay and Trevor came in first scoring their teams three points each. After a number of failed attempts, Ntando and Darren came in second scoring their teams two points, Siphesihle and Sethu placed third scoring their teams one point each, while Nadia and Caldine failed to earn any points in last place.

Long-Life Ceremony

After completing all three challenges, the teams went into another long-life ceremony where one of them hoped to win themselves that coveted long-life charm. After tallying up the points, Team Cool Red came in first yet again scoring 17 points. Team Mango Peach won themselves 12 points throughout the three challenges while Team Pineapple scored 11 points. Finally, Team Peach found themselves at the bottom scoring just six points.

In the long-life ceremony, each team had a bonus point which they had to gift to another team. Alliances continued to get stronger as Team Cool Red and Team Pineapple gifted each other points while Team Mango Peach and Team Peach did the same. This resulted in every team scoring themselves one extra point. Team Cool Red continued their winning streak which earned both Nadia and Trevor a R10 000 voucher from Guess. Finally, Team Cool Red and Team Mango Peach, as the two top players, competed in a stacking challenge where Team Cool Red scored themselves yet another long-life charm. This means that Team Cool Red now holds three long-life charms. Each charm gives the team a 30-second head-start should they make it to the finale.

Tune in next week to see which of the teams get sent packing as the third elimination looms.

Catch Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao on SABC3 every Tuesday at 19h30 with the repeat every Saturday at 20h00.